Everything you need to know before renting

Renting is now easier than ever. The entire home rental process is totally online.


Our process

A straightforward process

1. Choose your home

Which apartment suits you best? Sign up and you’ll be able to access our housing developments. Choose the one you like best. .

2. Pay it a visit!

You’ll want to get to know it. We’ll join you on a personalised visit to see the home you have chosen along with the designated facilities in the communal areas.

3. Check the terms and conditions

For your peace of mind, you can check the requirements you need to access your rental home.

4. Reserve your home

When you have chosen your home, all you have to do is to reserve it.

5. Rent it

When we’ve reviewed all your documentation, we’ll let you know so you can come and sign. And the home will be yours.

6. Enjoy your new home

You already have the keys! Now all that’s left is for you to enjoy it.

Advantages of renting

The advantages of renting at Méndez Álvaro Residencial

Here at Méndez Álvaro Residential we think that renting is just the beginning. That is why we have created a benefits package designed for you and your everyday routine. Just for being a client of Méndez Alvaro Residential you can benefit from the discounts and special conditions offered by our partners. Identify yourself as a Méndez Álvaro Residential client and start enjoying them!

Rental requirements

You just need…

To be Spanish or a resident in Spain

This is one of the main conditions for renting with us: proof of Spanish nationality or that you habitually reside in Spain.

To submit your family record book if you are a family unit

If you are going to rent with your family, spouse and children, you just need to show us your family record book.

To submit your National Identity Card (DNI), your Foreigner Identification Permit (NIE) or your passport

It is important for you to submit your personal identity document so that you can be correctly identified.

To submit your tax return from the previous year and your last 3 payslips or income certificate for the last quarter of the current year.

Another essential document is proof of your income, either through your payslips, or if you prefer, you can submit your last tax return.


Just in case you have any further questions…

We are real estate managers, specialising in rentals. All the homes we manage are our property.

As a general rule they are not. On the other hand, we must also adapt to the rules of each Community of Property Owners and in some communities they might prohibit pets or some specific species. When you visit an apartment, do not hesitate to ask the sales agent for the specific regulations set down in that Community of Property Owners.

Tenants are free to choose the utilities providers they prefer and, in this way, they can pay and manage the bills themselves. Setting up the utilities contracts as such is at our expense; as a tenant you will not have to pay anything. And if at any time you should have any questions, we will gladly lend you a hand. You will only have to change the name on the contract and if, at a later date, you want to change company, our services company will do this for you.

The amount of the deposit is one month’s rent, as set down in the Urban Leasing Law.

As an additional guarantee to the deposit, two month’s rent is required.

Credit scoring is an automated rating system used to determine whether or not a rental proposal is viable. Based on all the information available in the database and along with all the data that the candidate submits, credit scoring indicates the viability of that person to meet the payments. The score produced by this method is consistent and objective since it rates everyone in the same way, avoiding subjective criteria.

The first thing to do and the one we recommended most is for you to send us a request using the online form, or for you to call us on XXXXXX so that we can help you in the quickest and most personalised way possible. Once initial contact has been made, a sales agent will call you to arrange a visiting time and, from that point onwards, he or she will guide you through the entire process until you are settled in your new home.

You can find details of the documents in our section on the terms and conditions for renting with us.

The house is brand new. Everything you have at home will be brand new and ready to use.

Yes, they are. We hand over the apartments unfurnished so that each tenant can decorate them to their liking; the kitchens are fully fitted and include all the necessary electrical appliances.

El edificio se ubica en una zona bien comunicada, con metro y autobús cercanos. Todas las viviendas incluyen trastero y plaza de garaje, así como derecho al uso y disfrute de las zonas comunes, zona infantil, piscina, gimnasio, etc. Y todo ello SIN comisión de agencia.

Our contracts are usually for 7 years, with a minimum compliance of 6 months, since we are committed to long-term rentals.

No. At the present time we are only working with long-term contracts.

To rent a home, the total rent of the apartment cannot exceed 40% of the net monthly income of the contract signatory or signatories. In addition, all the parties concerned must pass the credit scoring process carried out by an independent company.

The deposit will be returned to the tenant within a maximum period of one month.

We are at your disposal to solve any possible incidents that may occur in your home. The fastest and most efficient way to manage your incidents is via the "TECHNICAL REQUESTS" section of our Tenant Portal.

Depending on their nature, no alterations to the façade or minor works or reforms to the interior may be made without express consent; however, you are allowed to decorate and put up shelves on the walls as long as they are not on tiles.

If you want to terminate your contract, you only have to notify us two months before your departure. Although you have to bear in mind that you have to previously fulfil the six months of mandatory compliance with the contract.

From the moment the lease is signed, all our tenants can use our tenant helpline 24/7.